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SEC 250T is the new digital wheel balancing machine suitable for truck, bus and car wheels up to 200 kg. The innovative spindle shaft that lowers, guarantees a safer and easier centring even with large wheels and improves balancing accuracy. 

  • • Innovative mobile spindle shaft for perfect centring of the wheel.
    • Automatic gauge for a correct measurement of distance and diameter of the wheel until 32”.
    • Laser line for the correct application of stick-on weights.
    • LA Sonar system for automatic detection of rim width.
    • Spacious and sturdy rotational weight-tray with differentiated compartments for housing cones, clip weights, alu, grippers.
    • Display panel with immediate interface to ease the operation.
    • Electric brake to lock the wheel and to ease the application of weights.
    •Intuitive and user-friendly SPLIT, OPT, ALU programs.


Code: AEQ02XSXX0011


Availability: not available