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The automatic balancing machine SEC 5.7 is equipped with a large display monitor, with a large ergonomic weight tray
and with an intuitive graphic. Its automatic calliper allows the electronic acquisition of distance and diameter (up to 28”).
This machine allows you to work according to the operator’s preferences. The correct positioning of the weights can be
shown in one of these three ways: with the relay precision, with the speed of laser, with the conventional 12 o’clock. The
wheel is blocked while in correcting position thanks to the electric brake and the laser line. It can therefore guarantee a
quick and simple placing of the weights. Tightening is fast and steady. The 4 wheel set is balanced under the same conditions
(SE version) and the LA sonar device allows an instant acquisition of all the necessary parameters

  • • Pneumatic locking (SE Version).
    • The LA Sonar device, for measuring the width of the wheel, allows immediate acquisition of all the necessary parameters.
    • For each wheel that is balanced, the software AutoAdaptive Mode detects weight and dimensions and calculates the tolerance value that will cancel any vibration perceived on the steering wheel.
    • Once the measuring launch is completed, thanks to the Automatic Approach system, the wheel automatically stops around 15° from the exact point of application of the counterweight, allowing the operator to position it correctly with a little movement.
    • The automatic gauge enables detection of distance and diameter up to 28″ rims with relative activation of desired balancing program (clip-on or stick-on weights).
    • Positioning of counter-weights with laser line.
    • Wheel protection.


    Alimentazione standard / Standard power supply 115/230 V - 50/60 Hz
    Ponteza massima assorbita / Max power consumption  0,15 kW
    Velocità di equilibratura / Balacing speed 100 rpm
    Tempo di ciclo per ruota da 15 Kg / 

    Cycle time for wheel 15 kg

    4,7 s
    Precisione di equilibratura / Balancing accuracy 0,5 g
    Rumorosità / Noise < 70 dB (A)
    Larghezza cerchio / Rim width 1.5" ÷ 20" / 40 ÷ 510 mm
    Diametro cerchio / Rim diameter 10" ÷ 30" / 265 ÷ 765 mm
    Alimentazione aria compressa / Compressed air supply

    7 ÷ 10 kg/cm2

    ~ 0.7 ÷ 1 MPa

    ~ 7 ÷ 10 bar

    ~ 105 ÷ 145 psi

     Peso max ruota / Wheel max weight < 75 kg 
     Peso lordo / Gross weight 120 kg 


Code: AEQ01XSXX0064


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