Semiautomatic tire changer

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SEMIAUTOMATIC TIRE CHANGER with flag arm for rims up to 22“ external and 25” internal. Solid and reliable. Ease of use, reliability and performance are the features that make it ideal for those who need a versatile tool. Suitable for mounting and remove wheels from cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Designed for mobile service which, thanks to the fixed pole, reduces the height for the van.

  • Caratteristiche principali / Main features

    • Horizontal positioning of the tool is obtained by means of a threaded hand-wheel. Operating on various wheels of the same dimensions, means that tool maintains originally position regulated for. The single action lever locks the shaft vertically, causing at the same time the movement upwards of the peak.
    • The turntable can clamp alloy rims of new-generation from both outside and inside without any damage. The powerful bead breaker is operated by a double acting stainless steel cylinder of 186 mm. diameter.
    • Ergonomic pedals made of aluminium with clear functional symbols.

    Dati tecnici / Technical data

    • Capacità di bloccaggio interno / Inside clamping capacity - 13” ÷ 25”
    • Capacità di bloccaggio esterno / External clamping capacity - 11” - 22”
    • Diametro massimo ruota / Max wheel diameter - 980 mm (38,6”)
    • Larghezza massima ruota / Max wheel width - 305 mm (12”)
    • Coppia di rotazione / Rotation torque - 1200 Nm (400V 3ph)
    • Velocità di rotazione / Turntable speed - 8,5 rpm
    • Forza paletta / Shoe force - 15.500 N (10bar)
    • Pressione di esercizio / Working pressure - 8-10 Bar (116-145 psi)
    • Motore el. trifase / 3-phase el. motor - 400V (50Hz)
    • Motore el. monofase / 1-phase el. motor - 230V (50/60 Hz)
    • Peso netto / Net weight - 198 Kg


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