Motobike, Scooter, Go-Kart, Quad Professional Tyrechanger

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The Q-BIKE is a PROFESSIONAL semi-automatic tyre changer with a flag shaft, designed and manufactured for the assembly/ disassembly of motorcycle tires, turfs, scooters, go-karts and ATV (quad). The self-centering plate allows to tighten rims from 5" to 23" thanks to 3 different clamping positions, easily selectable without the use of tools and rims from 6" to 16" used a special kit of adapters atv. The jaws of the plate have been specially made not to ruin the rims of the motor vehicles, as well as the particular conformation of the bead tower. It is distinguished from other products by the positioning of the bead breaker ,located in a lateral position to the structure, and for the vertical work of the bead breaker paddle ( guillotine ) and thanks to a cantilever support positioned at a height that does not cause the operator fatigue even in case of continuous use during the operation of detachment of the tire from the rim. The studding capacity has been increased to operate on thick wheels such as quad tyres (ATV). The wheel holder can be positioned in 3 different positions until reaching a maximum bead strength of 370 mm (14.5"). Easy to use, supplied with PVC jaw guards, tire lever grease brush. Manufactured according to current safety standards (CE).

  • • Clamping capacity 5”-23”

    • Clamping capacity with atv: 6” -16”

    • Max wheel diameter 1000 mm (39,5”)

    • Max wheel width:

    -          With bead breaker wheel support pos.1: 190 mm – 7,5”

    -          With bead breaker wheel support pos.2: 280 mm – 11”

    -          With bead breaker wheel support pos.3: 370mm – 14,5”

    • Bead breaker force 750 Kg

    • Working pressure 8-10 Bar (116-145 psi)

    • 1-phase el. Motor 0,75 Hp

    • 3-phase el. Motor 0,5 Hp

    • Net weight 150 Kg


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Code: ASM01XSXX0092


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