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Automatic balancing with new practical and essential design. VDD Virtual Direct Drive High Speed and Maintenance-free (Patented). Easy to lock the wheel in the correct position by means of an electromagnetic brake. SONAR LA device for automatic wheel width measurement. Various weight positioning programs: SPLIT, OPT, ALU. Automatic probe for distance and diameter measurement for wheels up to 28 "with LED light to illuminate the working area inside the rim. ALU-S Balancing Mode (Tire Inner Tire Adhesive Tests) with The SPLIT program allows you to hide the weight behind the rim.

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  • • Pneumatic locking (SE Version).
    • Adhesive counter-weights positioning by means of SPOTTER Laser.
    • For each wheel that is balanced, the software AutoAdaptive Mode detects weight and dimensions and calculates the tolerance value that will cancel any vibration perceived on the steering wheel.
    • Once the measuring launch is completed, thanks to the Automatic Approach system, the wheel automatically stops around 15° from the exact point of application of the counterweight, allowing the operator to position it correctly with a little movement.
    • The automatic gauge enables detection of distance and diameter up to 28″ rims with relative activation of desired balancing program (clip-on or stick-on weights).
    • OPB: One plane balancing it is possible to correct both unbalances with only one weight, and activates OPB program.
    • Wheel protection.


    Alimentazione standard / Standard power supply 115/230 V - 50/60 Hz
    Ponteza massima assorbita / Max power consumption  0,15 kW
    Velocità di equilibratura / Balacing speed 100 rpm
    Tempo di ciclo per ruota da 15 Kg / 

    Cycle time for wheel 15 kg

    4,7 s
    Precisione di equilibratura / Balancing accuracy 0,5 g
    Rumorosità / Noise < 70 dB (A)
    Larghezza cerchio / Rim width 1.5" ÷ 20" / 40 ÷ 510 mm
    Diametro cerchio / Rim diameter 10" ÷ 30" / 265 ÷ 765 mm
    Alimentazione aria compressa / Compressed air supply

    7 ÷ 10 kg/cm2

    ~ 0.7 ÷ 1 MPa

    ~ 7 ÷ 10 bar

    ~ 105 ÷ 145 psi

     Peso max ruota / Wheel max weight < 75 kg 
     Peso lordo / Gross weight 120 kg 


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Code: AEQ01XSXX0060


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