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Automatic tire changer with lateral pneumatic movement of the pedal controlled pole to quickly free the work surface. The turret with manual positioning and pneumatic locking is equipped with interchangeable plastic parts, in order to safeguard even the most delicate circles. Suitable for car wheels and light commercial vehicles (motorcycle wheels with optional adapter) it is the ideal tool for the tire specialist who wants, safety, speed and reliability. The 22 "thick self-centering plate with double rotation is equipped with a double pneumatic cylinder for safe and risk-free locking for each type of rim. Equipped with a lubricator with pressure reducer for the best operation of the instrument, pistol with tire pressure gauge, bead lifter and plastic protectors for the self-centering jaws. It can be equipped with UPH2 + BP, PLS accessories It is possible to have the "TI Inflation" version, a bending system from the jaws of the self-centering unit and the inflation of the tires with foot pedal control with a pressure gauge positioned on the shaft for better visibility.



Code: S45AB

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